What women really want


What do women want? It’s easy, simple, and at this point non negotiable

You just need to really listen, hear us, see us and love us for US.

If we aren’t married and have kids by 30 we are not “failures”

If we have kids and are divorced by 35 we are not “used goods”If we don’t fit your mold of what’s “right or “wrong” that’s ok We decide for ourselves now

We’ve earned that.

We’ve fought for everything we have, everything that has just been given freely to our masculine counterparts

We do not want to be told we look pretty or to just smile

don’t sell us your anti-wrinkle cream

your diet plan

your shapewear

sell us your CEO position

your equal pay

your paid maternity leave

Meet us in vulnerability

Meet us in respect

Meet us in heart We are woman made up of

beginnings and ends, flesh and bone, Twists and bends

We can

We will

We are And we’re not settling

For anything less